Tracy & Pam Butler

  • Involved in the dance community both on the dance floor and behind the scenes for approximately 35 years
  • Retired Division 1 Competitors, Dance Team Competitors
  • Competed in Bar Competitions, Ballroom Country and Country venues pre and post UCWDC
  • Members of the 1st Country WesternTeam to do a show in a major California Ballroom Event
  • Members of Shady Brady Dance Team
  • Members of Sizzlin Country Dance Team
  • Event Security Experts & Workshop Coordination
  • Registration Coordination & Staging (Floor "Mom") Coordinator
  • Recipients of UCWDC Pioneer Award 2019
  • CO-Directors, Dallas Dance Festival

Tracy Butler

  • Team Captain Sizzlin Country
  • President of the Dancers Guild
  • Dance Instructor & Dance Coach
  • Judge
  • Chairman of UCWDC Business Committee
  • UCWDC Treasurer

Pam Butler

  • Owner KountryKlassic Designs
  • Certified Image Consultant
  • Winner of 135+ Prestigious Costume Design Awards
  • Winner of Bridal Design Awards
  • Writer & Editor of "KountryKlassic Looking Glass" for various Dance Publications
  • Costume Coordinator for Teams
  • Chairman of the UCWDC Strategic Planning Committee
  • UCWDC Worlds Registrar
  • UCWDC South Central Regional Rep (as of 2020)

Mike Quail

  • Co-Director Las Vegas Dance Finale
  • UCWDC Judge
  • UCWDC Business Committee Member
  • UCWDC Worlds Registrar Member
  • Dance Instructor & Dance Coach

Ed von Adelung

  • Co-Director Las Vegas Dance Finale
  • UCWDC Worlds Registrar Member
  • UCWDC Worlds Scoring Director
  • Owner TrailBlazer Custom Scoring System
  • Founding member of Country Dance Director Scoring Systems
  • Web Design Consultant – Owner Saintshosting- Web Hosting
  • 32 Years of Scoring Directorships for Swing& Country Competitions World Wide
  • Competitor in Country line Dance for 20 years